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067703: KHAN, IMRAN - Warrior Race: Journey Through the Land of the Tribal Pathans
068008: KHAYYAM, OMAR - Omar Khayyam's Quatrains. In Persian, English, Arabic, German and French
008297: KHOR, MARTIN - Good Practices and Innovative Experiences in the South : Economic, Environmental and Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives
066496: KIERNAN, BEN - How Pol Pot Came to Power
057717: KIJIMA, TAKASHI - Les Orchidées : Démons et merveilles
052833: KILFOYLE, PETER - Lies, Damned Lies and Iraq: An Indepth Analysis into the Case for War and How It Was Misrepresented
005153: KIM, RICHARD EUNKOOK - The Martyred
068396: KIMURA, AYA HIRATA - Radiation Brain Moms and Citizen Scientists: The Gender Politics of Food Contamination after Fukushima
038334: KINDRED, DAVID - The Ipswich Collection
052691: KING, FRANCIS - The Needle
067023: KING, RICHARD - How Soon is Now?: The Madmen and Mavericks who made Independent Music 1975 - 2005
063682: KING, CAROL SOUCEK - Designing with Tile, Stone and Brick
065794: KING ADZ, HUSH - The Urban Traveller's Sketchbook
014292: KING, DESMOND S. - The Liberty of Strangers : Making the American Nation
061490: KING, SUE, YATES, JEAN - Dunstable and District at War: From Eye Witness Accounts
068267: STEPHEN KING - The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel
055716: KING, B S - Botanical Art Techniques: 19 Step-by-step Projects in Watercolour and Other Media
068782: KING, ROBERT - Handbook of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
067476: KINGSBURY, NOËL, OUDOLF, PIET - Designing with Plants
067553: KINGSBURY, NOËL, OUDOLF, PIET - Designing with Plants
060192: KINGSFORD, PETER - Elizabethan Hatfield, 1558 - 1969
014699: KINGSLAND, ROSEMARY - Hold Back the Night : Memoirs of a Warring Family and a Secret Affair
011326: KINGSLAND, ROSEMARY; WRIGHT, JOHN - A Saint among Savages
035889: KIPPAX, FRANK - The Scar
062137: KIRBY-GATTO, ROBIN - Princess Warriors: Engaging Spiritual Warfare
068595: KIRBY, JACK, WOLFMAN, MARV, WARNER, JOHN, ISABELLA, TONY, MANTLO, BILL - Essential Captain America Volume 5
063199: KIRBY, JOSH - Josh Kirby Poster Book
068044: KIRBY, JOSH - Josh Kirby Poster Book
065725: KIRBY, GEORGE - Jujitsu Figure-4 Locks: Submission Holds of the Gentle Art
068598: KIRBY, JACK, THOMAS, ROY - Essential Captain America Volume 6
066233: KIRBY, GEORGE - Jujitsu Figure-4 Locks: Submission Holds of the Gentle Art
056479: KIRK, ALAN A. - Ships and Sailormen
060435: KIRKLAND, COLIN J. - Engineering the Channel Tunnel
034906: KIROS, TESSA - Tessa Kiros Box Set - Apples for Jam and Falling Cloudberries
068147: KIRSCH, EDITH W., MEISS, MILLARD - The Visconti Hours
067139: KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN, DUFF, JAMES, WYETH, ANDREW, HOVING, THOMAS - American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art
068775: KIRWAN, GRÁINNE - Cybercrime: The Psychology Of Online Offenders
026440: LEANNE KITCHEN - Grower's Market: Cooking with Seasonal Produce
052690: KITCHIN, C. H. B. - Death of His Uncle
066095: BEN KITE - Stout Hearts: The British and Canadians in Normandy 1944
020621: KITTREDGE, WILLIAM - The Willow Field
050441: KLAFKOWSKI, ALFONS - The Potsdam Agreement
066409: R. KLANTEN - The Upset: Young Contemporary Art
023290: CAROL KLEIN - Cook Your Own Veg
051548: KLEIN, MICHAEL - Track Conditions: A Memoir
064008: KLEIN, NORMAN M. - Seven Minutes: The Life and Death of the American Animated Cartoon
065932: GARRETT; KLENK (EDS.) - Archaea: Evolution, Physiology and Molecular Biology
020022: KLIMOWSKI, ANDRZEJ - The Secret
013436: KLIMOWSKI, ANDRZEJ - The Depository : A Dream Book
013437: KLIMOWSKI, ANDRZEJ - The Depository : A Dream Book
068073: ALEKSANDR KLIMUK - Golden Horse - the Legendary Akhal-Teke
036685: KLINGAMAN, WILLIAM - The first century: emperors, gods and everyman
058740: SCOTT KELBY; MATT KLOSKOWSKI - The Photoshop Elements 11 Book for Digital Photographers
053288: KLUCKNER, MICHAEL (INTRO) - Vancouver and the Lower Mainland
038611: KNAPP, MALCOLM - Grantham: Landscapes and Legends
061830: KNAUSGAARD, KARL O. - A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven
061720: KNAUSGAARD, KARL O. - A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven
066432: KNECHT, ROBERT - The Valois: Kings of France 1328 - 1589
040915: KNIGHT, WILLIAM E. - Letters to the Twenty-Second Century
037972: KNIGHT, PETER - The Gold of the Snow Geese
063601: KNIGHT, LAURA - Oil Paint and Grease Paint Volumes 1, 2 and 3
066765: KNOWLES, ELIZABETH, LANGLEY, ROGER - Walter Langley: Pioneer of the Newlyn Art Colony
060906: MALCOLM KNOX - Never a Gentlemen's Game: The Scandal-filled Early Years of Cricket
017458: KOBAK, ANNETTE - Joe's War : My Father Decoded
065283: KOCH, MICHAEL - The Belle Epoque of French Jewellery 1850 - 1910
022853: ROBERT KOCH - Louis C.Tiffany: Rebel in Glass
068228: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Act of Creation
062127: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Act of Creation
061206: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Act of Creation
055386: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - The Act of Creation
063436: KOFFMAN, PIERRE; SHAW, TIMOTHY, - Tante Claire: Recipes from a Master Chef
025912: LYNN KOHLMAN - Lynn: Front to Back
026645: NORMAN KOLPAS (ED.) - Britain: The Queen, Cricket, Sherlock Holmes and Other Things Indubitably British
059879: KOMISSAROV, DMITRIY, RIGMANT, VLADIMIR, GORDON, YEFIM - Tupolev Tu-144: Russia's Concorde
059878: KOMISSAROV, DMITRIY, RIGMANT, VLADIMIR, GORDON, YEFIM - Tupolev Tu-144: Russia's Concorde
039185: KOPKIND, ANDREW - The Thirty Years' Wars: Dispatches and Diversions of a Radical Journalist, 1965 - 1994
068257: BERNARD KOPS - Bernard Kops' East End: by the Waters of Whitechapel
040576: KORNBLUTH, C. M. - The Mindworm and other stories
068639: KÖRNER, T. W. - The Pleasures of Counting
067936: KOSKENNIEMI, MARTTI - The Gentle Civilizer of Nations: The Rise and Fall of International Law 1870 - 1960
023196: SPIRO KOSTOF - The City Shaped: Urban Patterns and Meanings Through History
050590: KOTKER, JOAN G. - Dean Koontz: A Critical Companion
068652: KOTT, JAN - Shakespeare Our Contemporary
057639: KRAMER, WILLY - Berlin Fucking City
058630: KRAUSS, RUTH - The Happy Egg
057942: CHRISTOPHER KREMMER - Inhaling the Mahatma
040663: KRIGE, JENSEN & J. D. - The Realm of a Rain Queen: A Study of the Pattern of Lovedu Society
063358: KROG, ANTJIE - Country of My Skull
051935: KRUSSMANN, GERD - Manual of Cultivated Broad-leaved Trees and Shrubs: E-PRO vol 2
063264: KRZNARIC, ROMAN - The First Beautiful Game: Stories of Obsession in Real Tennis
042147: HERBERT KUBLY - At Large
042023: KUCH, JOACHIM - Volkswagen Model History: Boxer-engined Vehicles, from Beetle and Transporter to 412
068187: KUHN, HAROLD W.; NASAR, SYLVIA - The Essential John Nash
050599: KUNG, HANS - Does God Exist?
067229: KUPER, ADAM - Culture: The Anthropologists' Account
064432: LAWRENCE KUSHNER - River Of Light: Jewish Mystical Awareness
031901: ALBERT KUTAL - Gothic Art in Bohemia and Moravia
060912: KUZMANOVIC, N. NATASHA - John Paul Cooper: Designer and Craftsman of the Art and Crafts Movements
057665: KYME, NICK - Vulkan Lives - unto the anvil
054408: KYNASTON, DAVID - Austerity Britain 1945 - 1951
068361: KYNASTON, DAVID - Cazenove & Co.: A History
052257: LACOMBE, ALAIN - La musique du film
068310: LADY APSLEY, LADY DIANA SHEDDEN - "To Whom the Goddess ... ": Hunting and Riding for Women
062705: LAFFOLEY, STEVEN - Death Ship of Halifax Harbour
036960: KARL LAGERFELD - Karl Lagerfeld: Waterdance
022849: JOHN LAHR - Light Fantastic
009024: LAIDLAW, RENTON - Golfing Heros : All-Time Greats Past and Present
060338: LAIDLER, JOHN, DONAGHY, PETER - Metro Walks: A Collection of 50 Walks Easily Accessed by the Tyne and Wear Metro
037541: LAINE, CLEO - Cleo by Cleo Laine
068245: LAIRD, MARK; WEISBERG-ROBERTS, ALICIA - Mrs. Delany and Her Circle
067928: LAIRD, CALUM (INTRO) - Commando Achtung!
065894: LAKE, P. SAM - Drought and Aquatic Ecosystems: Effects and Responses
039733: LAL, DEEPAK - Against Dirigisme: The Case for Unshackling Economic Markets
063334: LALWANI, NIKITA - The Village
059466: LAMB, SIMON - Devil in the Mountain: A Search for the Origin of the Andes
050614: WALLY LAMB - The Hour I First Believed
038396: LAMB, MARK - Farperoo: v. 1: Book One of the Dark Inventions
054675: GAVIN. LAMBERT - The Dangerous Edge - inquiry into the lives of nine masters of suspense
063751: LAMBIE-NAIRN, MARTIN - Brand Identity for Television: With Knobs on
064060: LAMBIRTH, MR. ANDREW - Sarah Adams: A Sea View
052405: LAMBTON, ANTONY - Pig and Other Stories
060279: LAMING, TIM - Buccaneer: the Story of the Last All-British Strike Aircraft
031416: GEORGE LAMMING - Cannon Shot and Glass Beads
068002: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Tutor to the Dragon Emperor: The Life of Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston at the Court of the Last Emperor
036356: ALLEN WOLD; F. PAUL WILSON; CHRISTOPHER LAMPTON - Science Fiction Special 38: Gateway to Limbo; Wheels within Wheels; The Planet Masters
065779: LANDIS, DEBORAH NADOOLMAN - Costume Design
022322: H.C.ROBBINS LANDON - The Mozart Essays
034934: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM ; ILLUSTRATED BY WILLIAM HARVEY, ET AL - The Thousand And One Nights - Volume 2
066494: LANE, MICHAEL R. - The Story of Queen's Engineering Works, Bedford: History of W. H. Allen, Sons and Co.Ltd
068473: LANG, DR ZOË ALEXIS - The Legacy of Johann Strauss: Political Influence and Twentieth-Century Identity
068552: CHRIS NIXON; HERMANN LANG - Racing the Silver Arrows: Mercedes Benz versus Auto Union 1934 - 1939
028617: MARTIN LANGFIELD - The Malice Box
066643: LANGLEY, ROGER - Walter Langley: Pioneer of the Newlyn Art Colony
061110: LANGLEY, MIKE - Anders Lassen, V.C., M.C., of the S.A.S.
061109: LANGLEY, MIKE - Anders Lassen, V.C., M.C., of the S.A.S.
057922: LANGLEY, ROGER - The Prisoner In Portmeirion
063480: LANGLEY, CLINT, MILLS, PAT - ABC Warriors, Tome 3 : La guerre Volgan
068464: LANNING, MICHAEL LEE - Tours of Duty: Vietnam War Stories
056294: LARKIN, DAVID - Farm
054274: LARN, BRIDGET, LARN, RICHARD - Shipwreck Index of the British Isles, Vol. 1: Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset
005652: LARSON, CHARLES R. (ED.) - More Modern African Short Stories
021183: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Played with Fire
029644: STIEG LARSSON - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest
055481: LASSERRE, OLIVIER - Planting Patterns: From the Air
051782: LATHAM, IAN; SWENARTON, MARK - Feilden Clegg Bradley: The Environmental Handbook
0423W270089: LATHAM, PETER - Brahms
066867: LATIL, PIERRE DE - Thinking by machine: A study of cybernetics
054987: CHEF AYELET LATOVITCH (ED.) - A Taste of Teva: The Teva Global Cookbook
058979: LAUDA, NIKI; VOLKER, HERBERT - To Hell and Back: Niki Lauda Autobiography
063474: LAUDA, NIKI; VOLKER, HERBERT - To Hell and Back: Niki Lauda Autobiography
023379: FRY; LAURIE - 3 Bits of Fry and Laurie
063793: LAVALLÉE, OMER - Van Horne's road: An illustrated account of the construction and first years of operation of the Canadian Pacific transcontinental railway
005327: LAVRIN, JANKO - Nietzsche: A Biographical Introduction (ORIGINAL COVER)
056778: PAT LAWLOR - More Wellington Days
063193: LAWRENCE, T. E.; WILSON, JEREMY (ED.) - Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 'Oxford' Text
068487: DON LAWRENCE - The Trigan Empire
068230: DON LAWRENCE - The Trigan Empire
037318: T.E. LAWRENCE (AKA 252087 A/C ROSS) - The Mint
022977: LAWSON, HENRY - While the Billy Boils (1984 Currey O'Neil hardback)
060784: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration
061328: LAWSON, JOHN - North Brittany and the Channel Islands: Cherbourg to Ouessant and the Channel Islands
024648: TOM LAWTON - Walking Around the Peak District: A 10-stage, Long-distance Walking Route Through the White and Dark Peaks
034407: LEA, EDWARD (INTRO); GERSHWIN, GEORGE AND IRA - The Best Of George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin
062096: LEACH, ELIZABETH EVA - Sung Birds: Music, Nature, and Poetry in the Later Middle Ages
008029: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - Kinnock - Biography of Neil Kinnock
057311: LEAR, JONATHAN - Therapeutic Action: An Earnest Plea for Irony
041767: O'LEARY, LIAM - Welkin's Rift
012401: LEAVIS, F. R. - Revaluation : Tradition and Development in English Poetry
059289: LEBELL PHD, DON - Weapons of Mass Survival: musings of a marooned extraterrestrial
062192: LEE, PAT, TSANG, ADRIAN - Darkminds: Paradox
068196: LEE, DICK; PRATT, COLIN - Operation Julie : How the Undercover Police Team Smashed the World's Greatest Drugs Ring
068201: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle: Volumes 1 - 10
050103: LEE, JOHN A. - Mussolini's Millions
032687: ROBERT LEE - Colonial Engineer - John Whitton 1819 - 1898 and the Building of Australia's Railways
068269: LEE, ALAN - The Lord of the Rings Poster Collection: No. 1
065546: LEE, CAROL ANN - One of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra Hindley
060506: LEE, IVOR, STARLING, JOHN - No Labour, No Battle: Military Labour during the First World War: The Labour Corps in the First World War
060589: LEE, IVOR, STARLING, JOHN - No Labour, No Battle: Military Labour during the First World War: The Labour Corps in the First World War
062711: CARL POTTS; JIM LEE - The Punisher Wolverine - African Saga
061352: LEE, HARPER - Go Set a Watchman
040282: LEE, CELIA; STRONG, PAUL EDWARD; SHEFFIELD, GARY - Women in War - from Home Front to Front Line
040316: PETER YORK; JIM LEE - Arrested
058707: LEE, ALAN - The Hobbit Poster Collection: Six Paintings by Alan Lee
067888: LEE, CHRISTOPHER; JACKSON, PETER - Lord of Misrule: The Autobiography of Christopher Lee
068424: LEE, AH LOI - Tomiki Aikido: Randori & Koryu no Kata
065839: LEELA GULATI (EDITOR), JASODHARA BAGCHI (EDITOR) - A Space of Her Own: Personal Narratives of Twelve Women
038415: HOPE BRADFORD; LENA LEES - The Living Word of Kuan Yin
041061: LEFEBVRE, GUSTAVE - Grammaire de l'egyptien classique
058053: LEGATE, TREVOR - The Very Best of Volkswagen
061815: LEGATE, TREVOR - Cobra: The First 40 Years
013061: LEGG, RODNEY - Steep Holm Legends and History
0419K112329: LEHMANN, JOHN - Three Literary Friendships
068104: LEHMKUHL, DONALD; DEAN, ROGER - The Flights of Icarus
067574: LEIGH, SPENCER; MCCARTNEY, SIR PAUL - The Cavern: The Most Famous Club in the World
066570: LEIGH FERMOR, PATRICK - A Time of Gifts
066473: LEIGH FERMOR, PATRICK - A Time of Gifts
028631: DOUGLAS LEIGHTON - Canadian Rockies
017890: LEINBURGER, RALF - Fighter
057115: LEJEUNE, ANTHONY - Death of a Pornographer
051110: LEJEUNE, ANTHONY; LEJEUNE, C A - C. A. Lejeune Film Reader
068188: LELAND, JOHN; CHANDLER, JOHN - John Leland's Itinerary: Travels in Tudor England
019551: LELCHUK, ALAN - American Mischief
068000: LEMCIO, EUGENE E - The Past of Jesus in the Gospels
055577: LEMMON, DAVID; LEWIS, TONY (EDS.) - Benson and Hedges Cricket Year Fourth Edition 1984-1985
054470: E. P. LENDERKING - Tanjia Marrakchia: Culinary Adventures at Dar Les Cigognes
059001: LENKIEWICZ, REBECCA - The Invisible
059864: LENMAN, ROBIN (ED.) - The Oxford Companion to the Photograph
034410: JOHN LENNON - Cole Porter Rediscovered: Piano / Vocal / Chord Symbols
027521: JOAN LENNON - Questors
034409: JOHN LENNON - John Lennon Anthology
066740: LENOX, EMI - EmiTown - A Sketch Diary
057642: LENZ, SIEGFRIED - An Exemplary Life
041689: LEONARD, GILLIAN - From Head to Tail with Love
028167: PETER LEONARD - Quiver
032898: LEONARD HUTTON, ALEX BANNISTER - Fifty Years in Cricket
050474: LEONG, ANTHONY - Korean Cinema: The New Hong Kong - guidebook latest Korean New Wave
033065: LEOPOLDO POMÉS, ANTONI GAUDÍ, JOAN PERUCHO - Gaudí: una arquitectura de anticipación. Fotografías: Leopoldo Pomés. With a portrait. Span., Eng., Fr. & Ger
065895: LEROY, JEAN-LOUIS - Polarization of Light and Astronomical Observation
036601: LESHEM, RON - Beaufort
033085: LESSING, DORIS - African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe
053606: LESSING, DORIS - African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe
062226: OONAGH ROBINSON AND AMANDA LESTER - Nottingham Cook Book
016577: LETEMENDIA, CLAIRE - The Best of Men
065345: LETTS, BARRY - Doctor Who: The Paradise of Death. Starring Jon Pertwee
063683: LEUNG, TING - Wing Tsun Kuen
059817: MAURICE LEVEL - Those Who Return
016096: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - The Origin of Table Manners Mythologiques Vol. 3
066282: LEVI, PROF ANTHONY - Louis XIV
050334: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - Tristes Tropiques
004056: LEVIN, KIM - Beyond Modernism: Essays on Art from the 70's and 80's
028583: HARRY LEVIN - James Joyce: A Critical Introduction
060588: LEVIN PHD, JANNA - How the Universe Got its Spots: Diary of a Finite Time in a Finite Space
053729: IRINA LEVINSKAYA - Adam's Road
065706: LEVY, PAUL - Barry Flanagan: Linear Sculptures in Bronze and Stone Carvings
052756: LEVY, ALLEN (ED.) - The Great Toys of Georges Carette
014342: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Hard Line - A Lt. Leroy Powder Novel
066402: LEWIS-STEMPEL, JOHN - Six Weeks: The Short and Gallant Life of the British Officer in the First World War
064398: LEWIS, TED - Boldt
068035: LEWIS, C. S. - C. S. Lewis Essay Collection: Literature, Philosophy and Short Stories
067404: LEWIS, C. S.; WALMSLEY, LESLEY - C. S. Lewis Essay Collection: and other short pieces
066284: LEWIS, C S - The Chronicles of Narnia
061107: LEWIS, DAVID - The Churches of Liverpool
058843: LEWIS, DEREK - Hidden Agendas: Politics, Law and Disorder
065740: LEWIS, TED - Jack Carter and the Mafia Pigeon
039521: LEWIS, CHESTER; FAY, STEPHEN; ; YOUNG, HUGO - Zinoviev Letter
065796: TED LEWIS - Jack Carter's Law
059556: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Apes of God
064393: LEWIS, TED, HODGES, MIKE - Get Carter: Film Screenplay
064394: LEWIS, TED, HODGES, MIKE - Get Carter: Film Screenplay
010990: LEWIS-SMITH, VICTOR - Inside the Magic Rectangle : Letters and Reviews
068629: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Apes of God
041362: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD R. - Knights and Samurai. Feudalism in Northern France and Japan
065263: LI, YU-FANG, BAUSELL, R. BARKER - Power Analysis for Experimental Research: A Practical Guide for the Biological, Medical and Social Sciences
060243: ADAM LIAW - Two Asian Kitchens
064937: LISA LIBELLE - Designed in White
067239: LIBERLES, DAVID, DITTMAR, KATHARINA - Evolution After Gene Duplication
003823: LIDZ, THEODORE - Hamlet's Enemy: Madness and Myth in Hamlet
022538: THEODORE LIDZ - Origin and Treatment of Schizophrenic Disorders
067788: LIGOTTI, THOMAS - The Nightmare Factory
033338: LILLEE, DENNIS - My Life in Cricket
059552: LILLEKER, MARTIN - Beats Working for a Living: Sheffield Popular Music 1973 - 1984
040614: SYSTEMS DESIGN LIMITED - Flips: 5: Music Vs Motion
057724: LINDEMANN, TILL - Messer - gedichte und fotos
031215: GERALD E. LINDERMAN - The World within War: America's Combat Experience with World War II
036064: LINDFORS, BERNTH; NGUGI WA THIONG'O - Ngugi wa Thiong'o Speaks: Interviews with the Kenyan Writer
068200: ASTRID LINDGREN - Karlson on the Roof
065293: LINDGREN, ASTRID - That boy Emil
061261: LINDHOLM, LEILA - A Piece of Cake
032027: CHARLES LINDSAY - Mentawai Shaman: Keeper of the Rainforest
060451: PHILLIP LINDSAY - Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays: Esoteric Astrology and Initiation
057658: LINK, DOROTHEA - The National Court Theatre in Mozart's Vienna: Sources and Documents 1783 - 1792
035999: LINKLATER, ANDRO - Why Spencer Perceval Had to Die: The Assassination of a British Prime Minister
023096: LIONEL HAMPTON, JIM HASKINS - Hamp: An Autobiography
015406: LIPMAN, MAUREEN - Past-It Notes
056510: LIPPINGWELL, DEE - First Three Songs ... No Flash!: Four decades of Rock Concert Photography plus stories behind the photos by Dee Lippingwell.
065641: LIPSCHUTZ-VILLA, EDUARDO - Guillermo Kuitca: Burning Beds
066420: LIST, HERBERT - Herbert List - The Monograph
068491: LISTER, RAYMOND - The Paintings of Samuel Palmer
064267: LITTLE, ALASTAIR - Soho Cooking
059022: LITTLEWOOD, JOAN - Joan's Book: Joan Littlewood's Peculiar History as She Tells it
063256: LITTLEWOOD, MICHAEL - Natural Swimming Pools: A Guide for Building: A Guide to Building
058301: LITTLEWOOD, JOAN - Joan's Book: Joan Littlewood's Peculiar History as She Tells it
057735: LITTLEWOOD, JOAN - Joan's Book: Joan Littlewood's Peculiar History as She Tells it
055886: LITTLEWOOD, JOAN - Joan's Book: Joan Littlewood's Peculiar History as She Tells It
066879: CIXIN LIU - The Dark Forest
014063: LIU, AIMEE E. - Cloud Mountain
066719: CIXIN LIU - The Dark Forest
068352: CIXIN LIU - The Three-Body Problem
036608: LIVINGSTON, NANCY - Moon's Edge
052843: LIXFELD, H - Folklore and Fascism: The Reich Institute for German Volkskunde
038726: LLEVY, KELLEY - SAP R/3 Implementation Guide: A Manager's Guide to Understanding SAP
005602: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - Bride of Israel, My Love
065518: J. J. LLEWELLYN, JIM HENSON - The World of the Dark Crystal
066033: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - In Search of a Masterpiece: An Art Lover's Guide to Great Britain and Ireland
061229: LLOYD, NATHANIEL - A History of English Brickwork: With examples and notes of the architectural use and manipulation of brick from mediaeval times to the end of the Georgian period
058791: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER; HUNNINGHER, ERICA (ED.) - Colour for Adventurous Gardeners
052591: LLOYD, T. O. - Empire, Welfare State, Europe: History of the United Kingdom 1906-2001
068781: DAVID LOADES - The Cecils: Privilege and Power Behind the Throne
068431: LOB, JACQUES - Lone Sloane: Delirius
026663: LOCATELLI, GIORGIO; ALLAN, TONY - Tony & Giorgio
051291: LOCH, SYLVIA - The Classical Rider: Being at One with Your Horse
020852: BERNARD LOCKETT - Here's a State of Things
011671: LOCKHART, ROBIN BRUCE - Ace of Spies: Story of Sidney Reilly
011079: LOCKHART, ROBIN BRUCE - Reilly Ace of Spies
067783: LOCKWOOD, MICHAEL - Mind, Brain and the Quantum: The Compound 'I'
050957: VERE LOCKWOOD - London Lights
051329: LODGE, JULIET - Threat of Terrorism
062832: LOEB, JEPH - Spider-Man: Blue
041672: LOEHLE, CRAIG - Thinking Strategically: Power Tools for Personal and Professional Advancement
054581: LOEWE, L.L., EDDY, J.P. - New Law of Gaming
054580: LOEWE, L.L., EDDY, J.P. - New Law of Gaming: Supplement
006795: LOEWENSTEIN, DORA; HOLLAND, JOOLS; ROLLING STONE PRESS STAFF - The Rolling Stones : A Life on the Road
025409: LOEWENSTEIN, DORA; HOLLAND, JOOLS; ROLLING STONE PRESS STAFF - The Rolling Stones : A Life on the Road
035932: LOIS, GEORGE - $ellebrity: My Angling and Tangling with Famous People
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067946: LONDON, PETER - Saunders and Saro Aircraft Since 1917
032339: HEI LONG - Neng Da: Super Punches
055218: LONG, KIERAN - New London Interiors
063982: LONGMEAD, G. L. - Memories of Welwyn: Its People and Places
063983: LONGMEAD, G. L. - Memories of Welwyn: Masters and Misfits
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053206: LONGWORTH, PHILIP - The Unending Vigil: The History of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, 1917 - 1985
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068762: LOOMES, BRIAN - Brass Dial Clocks
053408: LOOMIS, CRAIG - A Softer Violence: Tales of Orient
065812: LOOP, JAMES W., ZALOGA, STEVEN - Soviet Tanks and Combat Vehicles: 1946 to the Present
068404: LOOP, JAMES W., ZALOGA, STEVEN - Soviet Tanks and Combat Vehicles: 1946 to the Present
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065614: J. P. LOSTY - The Ramayana: Love and Valour in India's Great Epic
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067547: FRANÇOISE TELLIER-LOUMAGNE - The Art of Felt: Inspirational Designs, Textures and Surfaces
023734: SIMON LOUVISH - What's Up God?: A Romance of the Apocalypse
036073: LOUVISH, SIMON - KEYSTONE The Life and Clowns of Mack Sennett
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054037: LOVELL, MARY, LEES, HERBERT - New Iris Syrett Cookery Book
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058778: STEPHEN LOWENSTEIN - My First Movie
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050130: SHENG YEN LU - A Plethora of Scenic Splendours By Living Buddha Lian Sheng
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055501: LUCARELLI, CARLO - Carta Bianca
057894: LUCAS, EDWARD - Deception: Spies, Lies and How Russia Dupes the West
032903: JAMES LUCAS - Last Days of the Reich - Collapse of Nazi Germany, May 1945
011752: LUCAS, JOHN - Reggie - The Life of Reginald Goodall
066319: LUCAS, E. V. - The Open Road - A Little Book for Wayfarers
067005: LUCCA, DENIS DE - Carapecchia: Master of Baroque Architecture in Early Eighteenth Century Malta
040821: LUCE, ROBERT; SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR - Fifty Years of The New Republic
038298: LUCE, ALICE EVELINE - Pictures of Pentecost in the Old Testament
057566: LUCENO, JAMES, DOUGHERTY, KERRIE, BEECROFT, SIMON, LUND, KRISTIN - Star Wars - Alle Welten und Schauplätze: Die komplette Star Wars-Saga: Von Episode I bis VI
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063067: ROBERT LUDLUM - The Bourne Trilogy : The Bourne Identity / The Bourne Supremacy / The Bourne Ultimatum
064549: LUDVIGSEN, KARL - Classic Racing Engines
051403: KARL LUDVIGSEN - Group 7: the world's most powerful road racing cars;: The inside story of the Can-Am Challenge, the fastest and most exciting road racing in the world
036173: LUDVIGSEN, KARL - Stirling Moss: Racing with the Maestro
041151: MUSEUM LUDWIG - Museum Ludwig Koln: Gemalde, Skulpturen, Environments vom Expressionismus bis zur Gegenwart
060412: LUDWIGSEN, KARL - Mercedes-Benz Quicksilver Century: The Celebrated Saga of the Cars and Men That Made Mercedes-Benz the Most Feared and Revered Name in Racing, 1894 to 1995
057289: LUEBBERS, RAYMOND J., KUNZ, KARL S. - The Finite Difference Time Domain Method for Electromagnetics
067442: LUGINBUHL, CHRISTIAN - Observing Handbook and Catalogue of Deep-Sky Objects
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058596: MARIUSZ LUKASIK - Ki-43 Hayabusa
050523: LUKE, HEATHER - Heather Luke's Curtain Making Course
065066: LUNDBORG, PATRICK - Psychedelia: An Ancient Culture, A Modern Way of Life
040851: LURIE, EDWARD - Jacob with a 'C': A novel
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021208: LYCETT GREEN, CANDIDA; PRINCE OF WALES - The Garden At Highgrove
024838: MICHAEL LYDON - Ray Charles: Man and Music
028897: LYN SMITH, IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM - Young Voices: British Children Remember the Second World War
066255: LYNCH, REV. DENIS - St. Joan Of Arc. The Life-Story Of The Maid Of Orleans
068764: DAVID LYNCH - David Lynch: Snowmen
059722: LYNNE TILLMAN, STEPHEN SHORE - Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places: The Complete Works
060104: LYNNE TILLMAN, STEPHEN SHORE - Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places: The Complete Works
068626: LYON, DAVID MURRAY - History of the Lodge at Edinburgh : Embracing an account of the rise and progress of Freemasonry in Scotland
060440: JOHN LYON - Advanced Driving: How to further skill and enjoyment in motoring
036718: LYONS, JIMMY - Dizzy, Duke, the Count and Me: The Story of the Monterey Jazz Festival
024704: DARRYN LYONS - Mr Paparazzi: My Life as the World's Most Outrageous Celebrity Photographer
055410: LYSAGHT, BRIAN - Special Circumstances
032373: HUMPHREY LYTTELTON - Jazz and Big Band Quiz
004215: LYTTELTON, HUMPHREY - Second Chorus
011340: LYTTELTON, HUMPHREY - Why No Beethoven? : Diary of a Vagrant Musician
065638: MAAS, JEREMY - Gambart: Prince of the Victorian Art World
056497: MAASS, JOACHIM - The Gouffe Case
063726: ANDY MABBETT - Pink Floyd: The Music & The Mystery
029068: KENNETH ALLSOP; RICHARD MABEY - One and All: Two Years in the Chilterns
052901: MACBETH, GEORGE - The Lion of Pescara
057744: GIULIO MACCHI - Cartes et Figures de la Terre (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 24 mai - 17 novembre 1980
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062610: MACCULLOCH, DIARMAID - Silence: A Christian History
029572: JOHN D. MACDONALD - Judge Me Not
062438: MACDONALD, BETTY - Anybody Can Do Anything
020324: MACDONALD, GUY - The Boys' Book: How to be the Best at Everything
038417: MACDONALD, MANDY, GATEHOUSE, MIKE - In the Mountains of Morazan: Portrait of a Returned Refugee Community in El Salvador
025841: LYN MACDONALD - 1915: The Death of Innocence
054082: MACDONALD, JOHN D - Nightmare in pink
051697: MACDONALD, ROSS; (MILLER, KENNETH) - The Three Roads
059686: MACDONALD, GORDON - It's Wrong to Wish on Space Hardware
058763: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Underground Man
062379: MACDONALD, BETTY - Anybody Can Do Anything
068465: MACDONALD, PETER - Giap the Victor In Vietnam
067930: MICHAEL MARTEN; ROBERT MACFARLANE - Sea Change : A Tidal Journey Around Britain
067964: MICHAEL MARTEN; ROBERT MACFARLANE - Sea Change : A Tidal Journey Around Britain
067994: SPECTOR; SNIEDER; MACGREGOR - Advances in Twin and Sib-pair Analysis
025451: BIDDY BAXTER; EWAN MACGREGOR - Dear Blue Peter...: The Best of 50 Years of Letters to Britain's Favourite Children's Programme 1958-2008
060722: MACGREGOR, MALCOLM - The Outer Hebrides
021734: STEVEN MACHAT - Gods, Gangsters & Honour - rock'n'roll odyssey
038185: ANNIE MACHON - Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair
021401: MACINNES, COLIN - England, Half English
068027: MACINTYRE, STUART - Little Moscows: Communism and Working-class Militancy in Inter-war Britain
052529: MACKAIL, DENIS - Greenery Street - a romantic novel
017267: MACKEN, JOHN - Dirty Little Lies
016682: MACKENZIE STUART, AMANDA - Consuelo and Alva : Love and Power in the Gilded Age
054278: MACKENZIE, WILLIAM; FOOT, M R D - The Secret History of S.O.E.: Special Operations Executive 1940 - 1945
052275: AGNES MURE MACKENZIE - I Was at Bannockburn
068628: MACKWORTH-PRAED, BEN - Year With Three Summers
050437: MACLAREN, NEIL - The Dutch School
013699: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR; BERCKMAN, EVELYN; MACDONALD, JOHN D. - Fear is the Key ; Do You Know This Voice? (EVelyn Berckman); The Crossroads (John D. Macdonald) (Odhams Man's Book Hardback - three complete books in one volume)
067395: JOHN MACLEAN - Sucking the Marrow out of Life: The John Maclean Story
026719: FITZROY MACLEAN - Concise History of Scotland
068677: MACMILLAN, MARGARET - Peacemakers: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and Its Attempt to End War
058257: MACNAB, GEOFFREY - Searching for Stars: Stardom and Screen Acting in British Cinema
037495: MACRAE, A. - Talents and Temperaments - Psychology of Vocational Guidance
052813: MACROW, BRENDA G - Unto the Hills
057516: IAIN MACWHIRTER - Road to Referendum
041520: MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE - Victors, Beware
013514: MADDEN, DOROTHY - You Call Me Louis, Not Mr. Horst
029384: CHARLES OWEN; ADMIRAL SIR CHARLES MADDEN - Plain Yarns from the Fleet
034864: MADDEN, DEIRDRE - Authenticity
061522: MADELINE HARLEY, ROB KESSELER - Pollen: The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers
040334: ROBERT BECKER (ED.); NITIN JAYANT MADHVANI (ED.) - Jayant Madhvani
023968: MADONNA - Yakov and the Seven Thieves
062879: MAEDA, SHINZO - Arbres et Brindilles: Photographies de Shinzo Maeda
027830: SHINZO MAEDA - Arbres et Brindilles: Photographies de Shinzo Maeda
051535: MAGEE, SEAN; O'SULLEVAN, SIR PETER - Ascot: The History
064620: MAGEE, LESLIE - Fly Fishing: The North Country Tradition
068399: JEANNETTE MARIE MAGEO (EDITOR) - Dreaming and the Self: New Perspectives on Subjectivity, Identity, and Emotion
064250: MAGONA, SINDIWE - Mud Chic: Lifestyle and Inspiration from the Xhosa People of the Old Transkei
028736: SINDIWE MAGONA - Forced to Grow
035316: MAGOWAN, NORMAN - Leprechauns in Latin America (SIGNED 1st edition)
032008: NORMAN MAGOWAN - Adventures in Yellow: No. 2: Leprechauns in Alaska
058787: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - Making Mischief: A Maurice Sendak Appreciation
057745: MAHER, MARY Z. - Actors Talk About Shakespeare
033673: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - American Nights and Days
037838: MAHLER, FERD - Under the Painted Eyes: The Gurkha King / The Great Mountains Weep / The Rising Mist: A Story of Nepal
061943: KAREN L. MAIDMENT - Meals That Heal: Anti Inflammatory Healthcare & Free from Cooking
032448: NORMAN MAILER - The Deer Park
053430: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
015189: MAILER, NORMAN - Advertisements for Myself
061503: MAILER, NORMAN - The Castle in the Forest : A Novel
006398: MAILER, NORMAN - The Essential Mailer
068159: CHARLES ERIC MAINE - The Man who owned the World
037022: MAINE, BASIL; MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Twang with Our Music
068615: MAISIE ROWE, THOMAS HEATHERWICK - Thomas Heatherwick: Making
063677: MAJID (ED.) - On Space and Time
034132: MAJOR, GEORGE - The Hidden Whistle and Flute: Stitch One
066165: MAKEPEACE-WARNE, ANTONY - Exceedingly Lucky: History of the Light Infantry, 1968 - 1993
063866: MALAMUD-ROAM, FRANCES, INGRAM, LYNN - The West without Water: What Past Floods, Droughts, and Other Climatic Clues Tell Us About Tomorrow
062334: MALCOLM X; HALEY, ALEX - The Autobiography of Malcolm X
065866: MALCOMSON, A. P. W. - The Pursuit of the Heiress: Aristocratic Marriage in Ireland 1750 - 1820
065649: MALECHA, GARY LEE - The Public Congress
066430: MALIK, FREDMUND - Strategy: Navigating the Complexity of the New World
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064130: PETER MALLOCH - 11.20 Glasgow Central
063043: GEORGE LEIGH MALLORY - Climbing Everest: George Mallory's Writings on Mountaineering
021628: CAROLE MALLORY - Flash
058249: MALONE, BONZ; BEATTIE, NICHOLE - HipHop Immortals
016701: MANDEL'SHTAM, NADEZHDA; HAYWARD, MAX - Hope Abandoned : A Memoir
040677: MANDER, DAVID - Images of Hertfordshire
0502T080666: MANDER, GEORGE - Berlin Hostage for the West
065804: MANET, JULIE - Growing Up with the Impressionists: The Diary of Julie Manet
065908: MANET, JULIE - Growing Up with the Impressionists: The Diary of Julie Manet
061972: MANFIELD, CHRISTINE - Paramount Cooking
031922: HENNING MANKELL - Kennedy's Brain
051005: MANN, ERIKA - A Gang of Ten
058522: MANN, PHILLIP - The Fall of the Families
037313: MANN, INGRID - The Danube Testament
054134: MANN, GOLO - Wallenstein. Sein Leben erzählt von Golo Mann
060368: TERRY MANNERS - The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes: The Tortured Mind of Jeremy Brett
063175: TERRY MANNERS - The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes: The Tortured Mind of Jeremy Brett
064110: MANNING, MARK, DRUMMOND, BILL - Wild Highway
063863: MANNING, MARK - Get Your Cock Out
060282: MANNING, MARK - Get Your Cock Out
041592: MANSFIELD, JANET - Salt-glaze Ceramics: An International Perspective
013106: MANSO, PETER - Brando : The Biography
068738: MANT, TIMOTHY G K, ET AL - Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Questions for Self Assessment, Third edition
063063: MANTEL, HILARY - Wolf Hall: A Novel
055840: MANTEL, HILARY - Wolf Hall: A Novel
068599: MANTLO, BILL, SHOOTER, JIM, MICHELINIE, DAVID - Avengers: The Korvac Saga Premiere
061797: MANUS, MORTON - Alfred's Basic Guitar Method, Complete
020896: MANVELL, ROGER - Love Goddesses of the Movies
051227: O'MARA, KATE - Vamp until Ready : An Autobiography
068476: MARAN, MEREDITH - My Lie: A True Story of False Memory
062549: MARCEAU, MARCEL - Pimporello: A Fable For All Ages From the Master of Modern Mime
068388: MARCEL, GABRIEL - Homo Viator: Introduction to a metaphysic of hope
052511: MARCELLAS, DIANA - The Sea Lark's Song
015362: MARCH, PETER R. - Sabre to Stealth : 50 Years of the United States Air Force, 1947-1997
062057: MARCHAND, SUZANNE L. - Down from Olympus: Archaeology and Philhellenism in Germany, 1750 - 1970
053888: MARCO, JOHN - The Jackal Of Nar: Tyrants & Kings 1
066802: MARCUS HEARN, JOHN GLEN, ROGER MOORE - For My Eyes Only: My Life with James Bond
066885: MARCUS HEARN, JOHN GLEN, ROGER MOORE - For My Eyes Only: My Life with James Bond
068135: MARCUS, GREIL - Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century
021588: DE LA MARE, WALTER - A Beginning and Other Stories
020233: MAREK, GEORGE R. - Richard Strauss: The life of a Non-hero
024581: MARGARET WEIS, TRACY HICKMAN - Dragons of Summer Flame (1st edition hardback)
033466: MARGARET WEIS, TRACY HICKMAN - Dragons of Summer Flame (1st edition hardback)
065349: MARGRY, KAREL - Operation Market-garden Then and Now: volume 1
039139: MARIEN, MARY WARNER - Photography: A Cultural History
032405: MARK GARNETT, RICHARD WEIGHT - The A-Z Guide to Modern British History
068591: MARK WAID, RON GARNEY - Captain America: To Serve & Protect
068638: MARK GRUENWALD, J.M. DEMATTEIS, STEPHEN GRANT - Essential Defenders Volume 6
068601: MARK WAID, RON GARNEY - Captain America: Operation Rebirth
033904: JAMES PATTERSON; LIZA MARKLUND - Postcard Killers
056588: MARKSON, DAVID - Wittgenstein's Mistress
065306: MARKUS, THOMAS A. - Buildings and Power: Freedom and Control in the Origin of Modern Building Types
054204: MARLEY, J. A. - 2iis
066029: MARNHAM, PATRICK - The Death of Jean Moulin: Biography of a Ghost
068518: MARQUAND, DAVID - Ramsay Macdonald: A Biography
067767: MARQUARDT, KARL HEINZ - Eighteenth Century Rigs and Rigging
039020: MARRIOTT, RAY - Limping and Waddling to the Revolution: A Life of Colin Barnett
017662: MARS-JONES, ADAM - The Waters of Thirst
031275: S. J. PERELMAN; RICHARD MARSCHALL - That Old Gang O'Mine: The Early and Essential S. J. Perelman
060308: MARSCHALL, KEN; LYNCH, DON; CAMERON, JAMES - Ghosts of the Abyss - journey into the heart of the Titanic
067185: MARSDEN, RICHARD - The Cambridge Old English Reader
023651: JULIAN SHER; WILLIAM MARSDEN - Angels of Death : Inside the Biker's Global Crime Empire
041251: MARSDEN, SUSAN - A History of Woodville
065443: MARSDEN, DAVID - Original Kawasaki Z1, Z900 and KZ900: The Restorer's Guide to All Aircooled 900cc Models, 1972 - 1976
052449: NGAIO MARSH - Off With His Head
066230: MARSH, HENRY - Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery
066785: MARSH, HENRY - Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery
059589: MARSH, LINDSEY, SMITH, ROSIE - Old Ways, New Days: A Family History of Gypsy Life in South London and Kent
014844: MARSHALL, STEPHEN - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing : The New Liberal Menace in America
039370: DEREK MARSHALL - Gamba: Simple Seafood Cooking
010079: MARSHALL, RITA (DESIGNED BY) - A World of Fairy Tales - 10 Celebrated Artists Reinvent the Classic Tales
060566: MARSHALL, WILLIAM, WILLIAMS, ALLAN - The Man Who Gave the Beatles Away
055096: MARTENS, E. A. - God's Design: Focus on Old Testament Theology
066161: MARTIN HOLMES, HUGH BISHOP - Rallying '78
063711: MARTIN, MARY - My Heart Belongs
063976: GEORGE R. R. MARTIN - A Clash of Kings
065686: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Storm of Swords
033365: KINGSLEY MARTIN (INTRO) - New statesman profiles ~ Drawings by Vicky
062776: GEORGE R. R. MARTIN - A Dance With Dragons: Book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire
068454: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Storm of Swords
059755: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Storm of Swords
031588: GEORGE R. R. MARTIN - The Armageddon Rag
067977: MARTIN HOLMES, HUGH BISHOP - World Rallying: No. 1
061103: MARTIN, PETER - A Life of James Boswell
025798: MARTIN KRAMPEN, DIETER SCHEMPP - Glass Architects: Concepts, Buildings, Perspectives
059847: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Song of Ice and Fire - A Game of Thrones (1996 1st print BCA hardback)
068125: MARTIN HOLMES, HUGH BISHOP - World Rallying: No. 1
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050442: MARTIN HOYLES, ASHER HOYLES - Moving Voices: Black Performance Poetry
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030905: JAY MARTIN (ED.) - Nathanael West
023071: RALPH G. MARTIN - Henry and Clare: An Intimate Portrait of the Luces
032297: LAURO MARTINES - Loredana: A Venetian Tale
008410: MARTINI, CLEM - Mob - the Crow Chronicles
059848: JOHN MARTYN - John Martyn: for guitar tab
061070: ERNEST WALKER MARWICK - The Folklore of Orkney
058714: MARX, KATHLEEN - Photography for the Art Market
032325: MARY K. BAUMANN, WILL HOPKINS, MICHAEL SOLURI, STEPHEN HAWKING (FOREWORD) - What's Out There: Images from Here to the Edge of the Universe
061601: MASE, AKIRA - Great Drivers
066228: MASEFIELD, SIR PETER G. - To Ride the Storm: Story of the Airship R101
066911: MASEFIELD, SIR PETER G. - To Ride the Storm: Story of the Airship R101
027404: DAVID MASIEL - The Western Limit of the World
051626: MASON, R H - Photography Yearbook 1981
067975: NICK MASON - Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd
061463: MASON, JOHN - The Cold War: 1945 - 1991
060920: MASON, BILL - Path of the Paddle: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing
067901: NICK MASON - Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd
038933: MASSALHA, OMAR - Towards the Long-promised Peace: History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
038117: MASSEY, MICHAEL AND JUNE - Hertfordshire - The Glorious County
016454: MASSIE, ALLAN - Arthur the King: A romance (1ST EDITION HARDBACK)
020306: MASSIE, ALLAN - The Ragged Lion
039058: MASSINGHAM, H. J. - The Friend of Shelley - memoir of Edward John Trelawny
060449: MASTANTUONO, CORRADO - Elias The Cursed
061556: MASTERS, BRIAN - Great Hostesses
061280: MASTERTON, DALLAS, ANDREWS, CHRIS - Guernsey Sark and Herm: A View of the Islands
036268: MASTORIS, S. N.; MALCOLMSON, ROBERT W. - The English Pig: A History
068622: MASUTANI, FUMIO - A Comparative Study of Buddhism and Christianity
058656: MATHIEU, PAUL - The Druid's Lodge Confederacy: The Gamblers Who Made Racing Pay
067187: MATHIS, PETER - Freeride - Photographs by Peter Mathis
067674: MATHUR, SALONI - An Indian Encounter: Portraits for Queen Victoria by Rudolf Swoboda
053513: MATLIN, MARGARET W. - Sensation and Perception
041546: MATTHEW ENGEL, BETH HISE - Swinging Away: How Cricket and Baseball Connect
068474: MATTHEWS, ALAN - How To Design And Deliver Great Training
064122: GLEW; GORST; HELLER; MATTHEWS - Educating Mind, Body and Spirit: The legacy of Quintin Hogg and the Polytechnic, 1864 - 1992
039267: MATTHEWS, TONY - Stoke City Football Club
051526: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - End of the Earth
058227: MATTIELLO, ELISA - An Introduction to English Slang vol 2: A Description of its Morphology, Semantics and Sociology
064813: MAUFROY, MURIEL - Rumi's Daughter
052258: REGINALD CHARLES FULKE MAUGHAM - The Island of Jersey To-day, etc. With plates, including a portrait
066974: ARMISTEAD MAUPIN - The Night Listener
034814: GERARD HOPKINS (TRANS.); FRANCOIS MAURIAC - Francois Mauriac Omnibus - The Desert of Love; The Knot of Vipers; The Frontenac Mystery- Woman of the Pharisees
031749: MAURICE EDWARDS, DAVID PERMAN - Ware's Past in Pictures
012086: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The Flight of the Falcon
0423A520503: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Byron
035503: JULIAN MAY - Blood Trillium
064634: MAY, JULIAN - The Many-coloured Land
040050: MAYHEW, NICHOLAS - Coinage in France from the Dark Ages to Napoleon
040186: MAYHEW, MAGGIE, ATKINSON, CATHERINE - Classic Preserves: The Art of Preserving - 150 Delicious Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Relishes and Chutneys Shown in 250 Stunning Photographs
018808: MAYLE, SIMON - The Burial Brothers: From New York to Rio - Travels in a Hearse
050539: MAYLE, PETER - The Amazing Adventures of Chilly Billy
050020: MAYLE, PETER - Footprints in the Butter: The Further Adventures of Chilly Billy
017470: MCAULEY, PAUL J. - White Devils
035107: MCBRIAR, A. M. - An Edwardian Mixed Doubles: The Bosanquets versus the Webbs: A Study in British Social Policy 1890-1929
065619: MCBRIDE, KATE - Tales of Two Worlds: Arnie & Soot Navigate Florence
031709: MCCABE, PATRICK - The Holy City
033962: MCCABE, PATRICK - The dead school
018065: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Lost Art of Gratitude: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel
056752: MCCALLEN, PHILLIP - Supermac
063399: MCCANN, GRAHAM - Do You Think That's Wise....?: The Life of John Le Mesurier
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064183: BERNARD MEEHAN - The Book of Kells: An Illustrated Introduction to the Manuscript in Trinity College Dublin
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067882: ROGER PERRY; GEORGE MELLY - Writing on the Wall
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067557: MENDOZA, GEORGE - House by Mouse
067755: MENDOZA, GEORGE - House by Mouse
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051679: MIDDLETON, C. H. - Digging for Victory: Wartime Gardening with Mr Middleton
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064975: MOEBIUS - The Airtight Garage: Moebius 3; The Collected Fantasies of Jean Giraud
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068528: EDWIN MULLINS - Roman Provence: A History and Guide
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065922: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Norwegian Wood
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066127: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - A Wild Sheep Chase
068619: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - A Wild Sheep Chase
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028461: CHLOE NEILL - Hexbound: A Novel of the Dark Elite
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010068: NELSON, WALTER HENRY - The Minstrel Code : A Novel
027919: MARINA NEMAT - Prisoner of Tehran: The End of Childhood in Iran
065351: NESS, LELAND - Jane's World War II Tanks and Fighting Vehicles: The Complete Guide
064635: NESS, LELAND - Jane's World War II Tanks and Fighting Vehicles: The Complete Guide
064484: NESS, LELAND - Jane's World War II Tanks and Fighting Vehicles: The Complete Guide
037116: NETTLETON, RICHARD LEE - The Secret of Dranwood Forest
068509: NEVILLE COLVIN, PETER O'DONNELL - Modesty Blaise: Death in Slow Motion
037990: NEWBY, P. H. - The Egypt Story
064368: NEWLING, JOHN - Writings by John Newling 1995 - 2005: Essays 1995-2004 / Transactions and Agreements
068207: NEWLYN, LUCY - Reading, Writing, and Romanticism: The Anxiety of Reception
061409: NEWMAN, KIM, MARRIOTT, JAMES - Horror: The Definitive Guide to the Cinema of Fear
060549: NEWMAN, KIM - The Original Dr. Shade and Other Stories
060882: NEWMAN, KIM, MARRIOTT, JAMES - Horror: The Definitive Guide to the Cinema of Fear
063785: NEWTON, HELMUT - Helmut Newton: Pages From the Glossies, Facsimiles 1959 - 1998
068526: NEWTON, ROY, DAVISON, SANDRA - Conservation of Glass
067757: JAMES NICE - Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Records
057836: NICHOLAS RAYNER, JOHN CULME - Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor
063066: NICHOLAS, JEREMY - Godowsky, the Pianists' Pianist. a Biography of Leopold Godowsky
063753: MICHAEL NICHOLAS - Being The Effective Leader
056824: NICHOLLS, DAVID - Us
065145: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - The Stream That Stood Still
061271: NICHOLS, GRACE - Paint Me a Poem: New Poems Inspired by Art in the Tate
063563: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - The Tree That Sat Down
020978: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Firesong (SIGNED 1st Edition 2002 Hardback)
041270: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Motherland
039813: NICHOLSON, GEOFFREY, MORGAN, CLIFF - Cliff Morgan: The Autobiography - Beyond the Fields of Play
012993: NICHOLSON, HELEN J. - Love, War, and the Grail: Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights in Medieval Epic and Romance 1150-1500
020645: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - The Wind Singer (SIGNED 1st Edition Hardback)
011297: NICHOLSON, FRANCES; MACNAB, ANDY - Married to the SAS

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